Conquering Fear "Out of my comfort zone" by Roberto Lira

So today I went to cut my hair, the style as you can see in the picture is completely shaved, that was an idea that came to my mind for a while, and being this my first time I was hesitant, you should see the hair stylist’s face when I told her what I wanted done, but I was committed to do it for a simple reason, I wanted The LORD to show me the why of my decision, I mean this is my first time getting my hair shaved, my first time getting my hair shaved.

So as I was thinking in the pros and cons and different opinions of my new hair style decision, a lot of toughs came into my mind, the words FEAR, SURRENDER and TRUST have been showing more consistently as I have my relationship with The LORD.

As I was observing my hair being done, it was mentioned to me that there were scalp issues  that needed treatment and care, the stylist asked me what kind of shampoo I was using, and we talked about the different ways to get my scalp healthier for a better and stronger hair, and as I was talking to the hair stylist about the issues of my scalp she was feeling better about the hair being gone and so was I.

So let me tell you what I’ve got from this experience:

As I was hearing about the scalp issues and how it affected the health of my hair, I was relating those issues to the many times when I had the intention to start a business, or play an sport I like, or being in a relationship, or do a missions trip, BUT many times I let the opinions, doubts and bad experiences of others influence me and putting FEAR into me, leading to quit and be content with my life. Those things were affecting me as the dry scalp was affecting my hair from being healthy and grow stronger.

Now when I decided to cut my hair I had a peace of mind that only The LORD provided me, I SURRENDED all those fears and took action, I have been SURRENDERING my life, my health, my family, my finances, and my relationships to The Lord, you know why? Because I have a PURPOSE and the enemy is gonna use those around me to distract me from that purpose, that’s when I remember the Bible passage of Peter walking on the water towards JESUS (Matthew 14:22-33), and how if we lose our sight from JESUS we can miss so much and start drowning.

See, now the word TRUST comes into my mind, that’s probably why I had that peace of mind, because as I have a relationship with JESUS and keep trusting on HIM more and more, my/HIS purpose is been defined, my/HIS mission is getting accomplished.

Yes I have Big dreams in life and a Vision, and many times I encountered the doubts and the buts, but let me remind you that many times TRUSTING THE LORD completely is an ALONE walk, many times the enemy will use any trick possible in any form,  and sometimes we feel or think that The LORD is leading us or speaking to us into any decisions, and we find any reason not to TRUST, remember even the enemy uses the ones around to control, influence and discourage us from our PURPOSE.

HE gives me the peace of mind that only HE can provide and BLESSES me with the people that love, encourage, support and motivate me to reach my PURPOSE as long as is for HIS Glory.  

I know that giving up my FEARS  always keeping my sight in THE LORD (Isaiah 41:10), SURRENDERING every area in my life and I mean every AREA of my life and not at my own convenience (Galatians 1:10),  and TRUSTING HIM completely( Proverbs 16:3) will make me better, be healthier and stronger just like my hair will.

Father Lord please keep using me as an instrument to make a difference in people’s lives, and keep me Focus and Motivated to accomplish the Mission and the Vision you placed in my Life to show people your Love and Mercy, in my Lord JESUS name I pray.